Jinhua SunMaster Solar Lighting Co.,Ltd.

SunMaster Solar Lighting Co.,Ltd. is a Zhejiang based enterprise,specialized supplying solar street lights, solar garden lights, wind & solar hybrid lights, small & medium solar generating systems and solar pump system etc.

SunMaster currently owns manufacturing plants with a total area of 8,000  square meters, with multiple workshops for the production of solar  panels, LED lights, controller and the relative parts. The company have an annual manufacturing capacity of 15,000-20,000 lights and solar systems. The company are ISO9001 certified .The products are CE, RoHs, SGS SonCap certified

SunMaster has gathered a group of excellent personnel who have been worked in the semiconductor industry or related fields for many years, including physical, thermology, photology, mechanics, electronics and other majors. We  cooperate  with Semiconductor Institute of Beijing University and LED Research Center of Zhejiang University.

With the company spirit of “devotion, teamwork and innovation”, SunMater staff will work hard to provide optimum solar lighting solutions, best quality products and quick aftel-sale-service for our customers.


Years History

UNDP Tender Winner


Countries exported


Workshop Area


Street Light Installations


Production Capacity per month

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