Solar Lighting Design Guide

Navigating how to design a reliable solar lighting solution

Learn About Fixture Variances

Different fixtures are used for different applications. Each also provide different lumen packages. Learn about which type of fixture would work best for your project.

Learn About Operation Profiles

Different operation profiles provide light when it is required. This will look beyond just dusk to dawn operations into all the different controls available.

Learn About Solar Power Systems

Once most design factors are determined, such as fixtures and operation requirements, the solar power requirements can be determined with simple calculations.

Do you have an outdoor lighting project?

Considering using solar as a green alternative?

Don't know how to even begin on determining what you need?

This guide can help you determine all the factors taken into designing the perfect solar lighting system.

With this handy guide you will be able to make an informed decision to know what is best for your solar lighting application.

How Can We Help You?
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